The Fermata Formula is our process for navigating our clients through a “grand pause” to rewrite the future of their consumer products strategy.


We believe licensing is a means for solving critical issues facing an organization. Fermata listens to the client’s business challenges and devises a strategy for how consumer products can best support and supplement the objectives of the enterprise.


Once the strategy has been constructed, the brand’s authenticity must be translated and transcribed into licensing speak. The authentication process includes brand terminology, style guide refinement, licensee-pitch creation and retail story-telling direction.


Taking all of the brand’s ingredients, we devise a long-term multi-category, multi-channel consumer products plan that addresses organizational priorities, strengthens the core and advances the business – all while remaining true to the institution’s value system.


We then activate the plan at the proper pace focusing on the calibration between stamina and speed with regular checkpoints for evaluation and modification.